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Day 218: the sweetest part of keeping my promise

6 Aug

By far, some of the hardest moments, in this year of The Promise 365, are the group outings and group eatings.

Groups revolve around food.
Meetings are scheduled around food.
Holidays, reunions, weddings, casual get-togethers …they all have something in common: mangia! mangia!

Life’s sweetest moments are usually fully loaded with sugar.
Which I love.  But, this year, I’m not having it.

Just this last week alone I turned down more chocolate, sugar and goodies than Betty Crocker could shake a spatula at.

I have been known to devour a complete tray of brownies, before they got out of the pan and over to the cooling rack.

I have eaten entire plates of chocolate chip cookies (Pam Peterson, calling Pam Peterson), buckets of raw cookie dough (I had partners in crime Miss Laura and Miss Lisa), and have been known to drink three mochas in one day (yes, Justin, I admit to begging you to drive me through every coffee stand down the coast of Oregon).

It’s like my chocolate craving didn’t come with an ‘off’ switch.
But, I am learning to live without my dear mocha, cookies and brownies.  All for the sake of taking care of my body and giving it a sugar break.

Not because I want to, but because I realize my level of addiction.
I am aware.  Oh, boy, am I aware.

I am also aware of my deep yearning for pastries, muffins, baked items of any kind.  Give me something sprinkled with sugar on top and I will make it disappear.  Like magic.  Or, more appropriately, Jamie Sugarfield, The Sugar ‘Slinger.

So, it was, last week, with a host of events — a wedding, reunion, and many moments of sweet get-togethers — I found myself staring straight into the middle of sugar mayhem; including:

Rehearsal Dinner cookies and treats:
(Cookies and brownies and chocolate chips, oh my!)

Wedding cake….oh, scrumptious wedding cake.
(Endless slices of wedding cake!!)

A dinner AND DESSERT at The Outermost Inn in Aquinnah!
(Ginger ice cream, berry cobbler, chocolate brownie with caramel and coconut ice cream.)

And, morning muffins at the venerable Art Cliff.
(Blackberry brown sugar scones!)

I have to admit, it’s painful for me deny myself all this sugary goodness, it’s hard to enjoy both a sweet moment with family and friends and pretend not to drool over their shoulder and dessert platter.

But, I know (somewhere deep inside, I know) it’s a good lesson for me.

Once dessert has disappeared (and not at my own hands) it feels, dare I say “good”.
Because, I did it.  I kept my promise.
And, that is, well …pretty sweet.

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