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Day 220: it’s a shame about ray

8 Aug

Tonight is date night.
We will soon be off to a CONCERT.  Something I used to do in my twenties (I guess I’m dating myself here).

Tonight’s musical experience will take me back to 1992, or 1993, it’s hard to remember the exact year this band came into my life.  (Yes, it was THAT long ago.)

Just thinking about this band conjures up images of Gin Blossoms, Soul Asylum and Spin Doctors.  Even more so, it brings back memories of big, over-sized, plaid shirts, with clunky, black Dr. Martens and the quintessential grunge moment:  the movie Singles.

Did you guess Lemonheads?
Imagine our surprise when we saw the concert poster promoting the Lemonheads performing on Martha’s Vineyard.  Both Justin and I looked at each other and said, “THE Lemonheads?” with disbelief.  (This is one of the CD’s we listened to on that long, long drive across the country.)

One of their hit songs says it’s a shame about RAY, but I think the shame is all mine  — just what was I thinking covering up my perfectly toned teenage body with all that baggy grunge gear!?

I guess it’s easier to understand fashion’s perilous pitfalls in hindsight.

But at the time, it seemed so right!  And, it was probably good for my teenage soul, to fit in, to be young and a lemonhead, to be caught in between adult independence and childlike lemming-hood.

Which is just another lesson The Promise 365 is imparting to me:  sometimes NOT fitting in is better for your head, heart, body and soul.

So tonight, while we will be off to see the Lemonheads, and I may sing along with all the lyrics I remember, I will not be wearing plaid anything, nor baggy shirts or big clunky shoes.  I will dress for comfort.  And, I won’t even coordinate my outfit with anyone else.

I guess that’s the major difference between concerts then and concerts now.
And, oh, yes, one more difference — I need to take a nap before we go.

Want a trip down memory lane?  Here’s a few from the Lemonheads…

Click For:  A young Jon Stewart at Spring Break introducing the band.

Click For:  A younger David Letterman teasing the band.

Click For:  One of Justin’s favorite songs…Being Around.

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