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Day 226: swirling like a diva

14 Aug

Today, we Diva’d it up! 
First, we attended the super swanky “Swallow This!” brunch by Divas Uncorked with their special guest Mark Phillips of PBS fame.  Mark, author of the book “Swallow This!: The Progressive Approach To Wine”,  led us through all the proper (and improper) ways to sip, swirl and savor our wine over the delectable brunch dishes at Edgartown’s (scrumptious!) Boathouse restaurant.

The ambiance was wonderful, fit for kings and queens of the sea, as it sits overlooking the harbor (even Michelle Obama dined there last summer).  But, for me, it was also terribly difficult at times.

While I haven’t wholeheartedly shunned wine in my clean eating program, I have reduced my intake greatly, to just a few sips here and there.   Which, was an easy rule to maintain as I sipped a little Veleta Tempranillo here and a little Yealands Sauvignon Blanc there throughout the brunch, trying to hold my glass by the bottom (instead of the stem as Mark instructed us to try) without tipping it over onto the table.

In the end, it was the dessert that caused commotion for my taste buds as I gently rubbed all the sugary filling covering the Peaches & Cream Napoleon Marscapone Cream and Phyllo Crisps, to uncover the grilled peach hiding below.  It was a modified grand finale, but at least it was dessert.

We arrived back at the house stuffed.
Stuffed with the kind of food that comes only from being with good friends: specifically the nourishment of love and hugs from the Divas, Debbie Phillips who joined us, and time spent basking inside the circle of incredible energy the Divas bring to everything they do.

It was so fulfilling and I was so stuffed, I decided to take a nap.  Just as I rubbed my eyes and reached to turn my computer off, I noticed a bag sitting behind it.  A gift bag from Stark Jewelers. How did that get there?!

I looked at Justin and then back at the bag.
“How did you get this here without me seeing it?” He just smiled and walked me through the entire chain of events.

1. We arrived at the event early, so to kill some time we walked the streets and stores of Edgartown.

2. I spotted a necklace set that I loved in the store and then we promptly left, because I am not buying anything this year.

3. In the next store, Justin said he had to use the bathroom, so he left and promptly returned.

4. In reality — he ran back to Stark Jewelers, handed over his card, and raced back to meet me.

5. As brunch was winding down, Justin again, used the bathroom.

6. In reality — he raced back to Stark Jewelers and picked up the gift bag and then stashed it with one of the Divas to hold onto for him.

7. As brunch ended, I went to the bathroom. He took it as an opportunity to take out all the content of the gift bag, stuffed a box in each of his pockets and folded the bag up into his back pocket.

8. When we arrived home, while I was out walking Pup, he reassembled the whole thing and tucked it behind my computer.  And, then, I didn’t notice it for an hour!

When I saw the bag I knew immediately what was inside.
It made my heart swirl.

While I’m not shopping (but gladly accepting gifts), I questioned him over and over — why did you do that?  It’s sweet, but really, why go to all that trouble?

He explained that he saw my face light up, he could tell I really liked the necklace, earring set and ring.

He’s right.  But, it’s not the jewelry that makes my heart swirl, it’s the love he put behind it; to surprise me, to uplift me, to shower me, to show me that he notices, he cares.

Zoom to tonight…
I just finished reading Joyce O’Brien’s book, Choose to Live!: Our Journey from Late Stage Cancers to Vibrant Health.  It’s her heartbreaking story of surviving three bouts with cancer, while her husband also suffered three strokes, brain hemorrhage and his own cancer.  All at the age of 35-years old.  With a baby daughter.

Joyce finds health and healing through many ways which she chronicles in the book.  While I was brought to tears and moved by many parts of the book, tonight this line jumped off the page:

“We all need to be surrounded by positive energy. Don’t you feel better around uplifting people?  I do. I call them “the swirl.” The people you love to be with, who inspire you and make you want to swirl around and dance inside and out.”

The Swirl.
As I sit here typing this out, I realize I am surrounded by an incredible SWIRL, a force of love and kindness, goodness and light.  We all are, if we choose to see it.

And, that, more than anything else, makes me feel like a Diva.
Swirling and dancing, both inside and out.

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