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Day 234: cows and chickens laughing

22 Aug

Justin is cooking dinner right this very second.
The dinner he is cooking, he also caught this afternoon as we walked around Great Tisbury Pond.

We were crabbing — or at least Justin was — while I was hunting another kind of find out in the wild with a camera instead of a net.

And, I found a few rare views:

A man on the hunt:

A bee busy at work on a day-old bloom:

And, a ship offshore at the ready to guard our president:

All rare sights for me, all caught in my photo net to keep forever.
Unfortunately for the crabs, they were also caught and brought home to join us for dinner.

Which makes me realize, I don’t know the last time I caught and cooked my own food in the same day.  Do you?

If it were up to me to catch and cook everyday, instead of waiting in line for it at the grocery store, or picking it from the produce aisle, I would be a verified vegetarian.

Did you hear that?  I think somewhere in the world there are cows and chickens laughing at me. I’m sure of it.

But I know one thing, in the kitchen a few doors down, Justin is turning 15 crabs into a blue crab soup that will make the Chesapeake Bay jealous — and me full.  Which, if nothing else, is good for my tummy.

(At least until I go grocery shopping tomorrow.)

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