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Day 235: natural disasters and chocolate

23 Aug

There are disasters, then there are natural disasters, and then, there are earthquakes.

My first green smoothie was a natural disaster.
On Day 47 I attempted a foray into the greener side of the world and fell into a bit of a blender bender.  In the moment it tasted awful and walloped my already bruised kitchen ego.

This of course, was just a little blip, just a small setback, a wee little ditty of a disaster.

I have lived through worse.
Disasters of all kinds; the divorce-kind, the dream-over kind, the “congratulations you have cancer” kind, and the worst: get-on-a-plane-your-mother-is-not-going-to-make-it-through-the-night kind.

Having survived all of these, I can report there was nothing natural about any of it.  They each shook up my world, turned it over and dumped me out on the other side.

Today however,  I felt a new kind.  An earthquake kind.  The kind that makes the couch wave like a flag under your bottom.

For a moment I thought I was dizzy, or imagining things.  I saw the room move out of the corner of my eye, then saw the table in front of me lift off the floor, go up, and then settle back down again.

I thought to myself, you are really losing it now. 

Because I was tired.
We played in the sun yesterday to pretend to be beach bums on at least one of Justin’s days off.  Then, after catching blue crabs until dusk, we  stayed up way too late to catch the late showing of the movie The Help. While the motion picture was SO worth staying up for (and true to the book!), we didn’t crawl into bed until after 1:00 am.  Then, Pup, our beloved dog, surprised us with a 6:00 am diarrhea attack right next to our beloved bed — which, unfortunately, no one can sleep through or after — not even Pup.

So I was dragging.
My eyelids were barely lifted off those crevices on my face called “eye-sockets” when the room began to move.

As the world turned, my mind raced.
Am I losing blood pressure?
Am I going to faint?
I have fainted before and this felt distinctly like the three seconds before my body hitting pavement scenario.

But, then, I didn’t faint. It went away.

I looked around and Pup was still asleep, dreaming of steak tips I’m sure, as if nothing ever happened.  I walked outside the house and looked up and down the street — nothing.  Everything seemed normal; people playing tennis, joggers passing by, tourists riding bikes.

So I dismissed it as my tired brain playing tricks on me.
A few minutes later I scanned Facebook and saw that word:  EARTHQUAKE.

Suspicion confirmed.  The earth had moved under my feet.  The couch did wave under my bottom. The table did go up, then down again.  Pup did sleep through it all.  But, I was not crazy.

I guess that’s the funny thing about disasters of all kinds — you think you’re going crazy the exact moment the earth begins to shake, crazy like, this is NOT happening to me.

Tonight, with reports flowing that the 5.8 earthquake left mostly shock and awe in our hearts and minds, but little damage in the streets, I am comforted.  The ground seems stable again.

But, I know, like everything else in life, there is constant change underfoot.
And, that, really just makes me want to eat a piece of chocolate.

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