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Day 237: really. really??

25 Aug

An earthquake and hurricane all in one week?
Really.  REALLY?

(Hint: that is best said in your best Weekend Update tone of voice.)

We actually saw Seth Meyers from SNL fame at the Martha’s Vineyard Fair last week. Really.

Justin had his photo taken with him.

I was shy and ran away pretending not to notice either of them.

Funny thing about that: I saw Seth at Cronigs just the day before.  For a moment I thought I knew that guy in the grocery store aisle.  Walked right by him, smiled and left the store not believing it was “Seth Meyers” until I REALLY did see him at the fair the next day.

A week before that I passed Meg Ryan walking down the street in Vineyard Haven. Well, I’m pretty sure it was Meg Ryan (hint: lips).

I have yet to see POTUS or FLOTUS on the  island this week despite the media frenzy and traffic jams.  And, now with a hurricane headed our way I’m thinking I definitely won’t be seeing either but will instead witness one presidential storm.

I generally don’t care about celebrities; don’t need autographs, don’t want to interrupt their life, their family time, their space.

I suppose it’s hard to be a famously recognized person anywhere. 
But, here on Martha’s Vineyard, it is a generally accepted fact of life, celebrities live here in peace.  It’s kind of like the alligators in Florida — you know they are all around, but, you don’t go looking for one.


But, I do know someone who doesn’t blink an eye at brushes with celebrity. She could care less about any of the dressings of celebrity style, über vacation homes, trend du jour.  It’s safe to say she doesn’t give a damn about what you buy, collect, cherish, or possess.

Her name is Irene and I think she’s headed this way.

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