Day 241: a terrible storm, a beautiful day

29 Aug

There was a terrible storm last night. 
It kept me up through the wee hours of the night.  In the dark, I tossed and turned and violently rocked back and forth.

It wasn’t from the tropical storm forces of Irene.
It was an inside job.  Food born.  From the forces inside my stomach.

We ate something bad yesterday during our hunkered down, hurricane hide-away.  Who knows what it was?  Because when you stay inside ALL DAY LONG there isn’t much to do other than eat, sleep, watch movies and eat some more.

I personally watched three movies (thank you Amazon Prime):
You’ve Got Mail
I Love You Phillip Morris

I watched the limb on a neighbor’s tree break away from its trunk and fly into their yard.

I also watched the clock from about 9pm to 6:30am from a reserved seat in the bathroom, atop a throne I did not wish to be.  I had distinct flashbacks to Day 106 and our Castor oil cleanse.  It was a rough night.

But this morning everything looked different. Better. Brighter.

Both storms passed through, and for the most part, everything here is still intact. There is debris on the streets, fallen trees in neighbor’s yards and a general bit of mess to clean up.

Even the downed sunflower blooms, tattered and torn, look a little bit prettier in their newly found home ~ a vase which Justin placed next to my computer screen.

Overall, it feels like luck watched over this little lady island last night.

And, in a way, just getting through the night makes everything look a little more beautiful to my head, heart, body and soul. 

All is certainly more cherished. And, I, more grateful. 

One Response to “Day 241: a terrible storm, a beautiful day”

  1. Lizette at 7:14 PM #

    So glad you weathered the storm and are feeling better. Lizette

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