Day 243: it’s butterfly season

31 Aug

It’s butterfly season.
Those brightly colored spry little creatures, are flying all around the Vineyard, through the hedges and into the trees.

It’s butterfly season.
Because they are here, they have arrived, they are fluttering through yards, in and out of neighborhoods and floating through the wind right before my eyes.

It’s butterfly season.
I know this, because, I see them.  They have been here all along, even though I never once noticed the caterpillars — but I can’t help but notice the beautiful butterflies.

Every time I see a pretty little butterfly soaring through the air or waving on a bush, I think of  that sad story of a downtrodden girl, sitting on the edge of her bed weeping about her sad, sad, life.

Her wise mother threw her wise motherly arms around the sad girl and reassured her that the girl, in fact, was a butterfly.

She just didn’t know it yet.

The sad girl was confused. She didn’t feel like a butterfly.  She had lost all hope of ever flying again.

But, what the wise mother knew, that the sad girl couldn’t yet see, was this:

Before a butterfly becomes a butterfly it must rest, it must cocoon itself away. From the outside it just looks like the caterpillar is resting, but on the inside a great change is happening, a total metamorphosis, an old life is ending for a new one to begin.

What the wise mother knows, the sad girl with soon find out.

One day, the sad girl will wake up and realize she is no longer sad.  She is no longer a girl.  She is actually a bright, beautiful butterfly soaring through the world with her perfect butterfly wings.

It’s a beautiful butterfly story.
Good for your head, heart, body and soul too.
And it’s true.
It might be about me, or it might be about you.

Either way, it is butterfly season.
I promise.  Just look out your window or maybe in the mirror. 

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