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Day 244: teach a girl to fish

1 Sep

Today we walked the beach and discovered deposits from Irene’s breeze-by across the island.  She left the beaches covered with rocks, sediment and the most enormous quahog shells I have ever seen.

As we walked further down the beach we spotted a beach goer with pole in hand in the middle of his last effort to reel in one big fish.

As we approached the excited fisherman I asked, “Wow, what is that?” to which he proudly replied, “It’s called a fish.”

Funny man.  It was a striper.

He then announced the flopping fish measured 32 inches.  I asked if I could take a photo and he replied:  “Sure, but do you want to see the BIG one?”

The BIG one?

Out of the sand he dug up his other prized catch of the day, an EVEN BIGGER fish.

Seeing the big fish dwarfed by the EVEN bigger fish made me think about perspective.

A bigger fish makes a big fish look small.
An enormous quahog shell makes all the other shells look diminutive.

Just like my promise not to shop for clothes and shoes and instead write for 365 days makes my promise to meditate for 21 days look kind of puny.

But one isn’t better than the other, they are just different.

And, while perspective is important, I suppose the real difference comes from the learning-how-to-fish part — no matter what you might be fishing for.

You know that old saying …teach a girl to fish, or meditate, or cook … er, something like that.

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