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Day 246: driving a road you’ve never been down before

3 Sep

My friend Karen took me for a spin in her car today — in her bright, yellow, convertible VW spin — around the island.

With top down on this sun-shiny day, we pledged to find a road we had never been down before and drive it.

It made for a fun afternoon, a free fun afternoon at that.  With an old mixed tape (yes, mixed TAPE) blaring They Might Be Giants we set off to find … something.   We just didn’t know what yet.

We began our unknown trek by heading to Aquinnah, the furthest point up-island, down that old familiar State Road.  Soon enough, out of nowhere, we saw a sign:  Flee Market, this way.

We took the turn.

We discovered a Flee Market in the middle of Chilmark full of paintings and jewelry and antiques and chocolate.  When I asked one of the many jewelry vendors about how long the market had been around, she told me it had been going on for 40+ years.

Wow, I thought. That’s older than me.
And, to think, I only discovered it today! 
(The flee finds were fun, and I am happy to report I didn’t purchase anything. I am still flee-free.)

The next two road signs we saw were for open houses.  We took them both and discovered not only new roads but new places, with homes and old histories down hidden driveways.

At the second home we chatted with the helpful and happy real estate agent, who gave us the history of the house and a short history of the island too.  After an hour of talking I felt like I saw the island in a new light and had made a new friend.

I suppose that is what happens when you let yourself (well, gently force yourself to) wander down a road never taken.

You stumble into something old and something new.

And as the old Girl Scout song goes:
Make new friends
but keep the old.

One is silver
and the other’s gold.

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