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Day 251: these boots were made for walking

8 Sep

Pup had the right idea — hiding under a blanket for most of the day.

It was that kind of day; a wet, muddy, windy, lightning, thundering-so-loud-it-shook-the-windows, icky sort of day.

I don’t know if we can call it Fall yet, but I do know one thing we can call it: a boots day.

If you know me, you know this:
I hate being cold. I hate being wet.
But, I love my boots because they keep me warm and dry.

I was thinking a lot about boots today, on one part, realizing how much I adore my pink and green plaid rain boots, (that are logging more miles than ever since I can’t buy another pair!) especially on a soaking day like this.

There is another pair of boots I adore even more.
These other boots were made for walking — walking down the aisle. 

I just shipped off our wedding gift to Kelley and Brad.  As we looked over their wedding registry we decided to opt-out and go in a different direction.  Instead of china or kitchenware, in lieu of linens or luggage, we sent a photo.

The photo so uniquely captured a picture of love, honor and respect, that we couldn’t resist immortalizing it forever.

On the day of their wedding, Kelley and Brad both wore boots.
Kelley’s dress hid the boots well, I didn’t notice them until they rode the lift down the mountain to the reception site, and only then because they peeked out from underneath her dress while on the chair lift.

It was perfect choice of attire for a mountaintop wedding.
Well done.  Well matched.  Nice touch.

It was even more fitting when I found out they were Cindie’s boots.
While we lost Cindie long before the wedding plans were in place, and while Cindie couldn’t be at the wedding in person, and while I know Cindie was in all of our hearts on that day — I’m so glad Kelley made sure a little part of Cindie made it to the wedding — and the chair life, and the reception, and the dance floor, and in the photos.

It was a little nod, and a beautiful way to honor Cindie’s eternal presence.
Because we all know she was there, even if we couldn’t see her.

If nothing else, those boots were made for walking.
And, I know Cindie was there, every step of the way.
That’s just what mother’s do.

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