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Day 253: do you remember your new year’s resolution?

10 Sep

What was your New Year’s resolution, your intention for 2011, the choice you made for yourself this year?

Do you remember?

As you began this year, 253 days ago, what was in your head or your heart, what was it that you believed in, you wanted, you craved, you wished for yourself?

I started with my choice not to shop for shoes or clothes and instead invest in my head, heart, body and soul.  And, of course, write about it everyday.

For me, it was a promise and proof that you — and I  — could do anything.

In the process I have detoxed and realigned.
I have experimented with food and that thing called a “kitchen”.  I have sparked my intellectual curiosity pumping facts and figures, books and videos into my brain. I have laughed out loud with you and cried privately as I typed away tears.

I have stumbled into awareness — specifically that I am addicted to sugar and chocolate — and I have jumped into my fears, okay, more like gently stuck one toe in at a time into my fears — mostly spiders and water.

The deeper I go, the closer I am to understanding I have barely broken ground.  I have only skimmed the surface when it comes to taking care of my head, heart, body and soul.  Because there is SO much out there to learn, do, absorb, reprogram, revisit, review.

If I have learned anything thus far it is that there is NOT one thing.  There are a myriad of factors woven together like a spider web involving:

– food
– exercise
– work
– friends
– family
– feelings
– toxicity
– deficiency
– self care
– self love
– selflessness

Some days it’s too much to absorb.
As soon as I figure out one thing I realize I am completely stumped by another.

Today, as I sat soaking up Vitamin D on the beach while explaining this little head-heart-body-soul project — The Promise 365 — to my friend, she looked over at me and pointed out I was drinking from a plastic bottleyou know that’s toxic right?

Ummmm, yes.

And, She should know.
As a specialist in environmental medicine, Dr. Lisa Nagy has survived her own life threatening ordeal and now helps others discover a path to their own good health.

As she gently pointed out my choice of water retainer, I thought to myself:
I know plastic bottles are not the best choice.  Why am I drinking out of it?

The answer is easy.
I picked up the water bottle when I picked up my lunch and carried them both with me. Because it was convenient.

Which makes me wonder — what else I am carrying with me?
Just because it’s convenient.

As I type this post the sage words of my dear colleague and friend, Debbie Phillips, resonate through my mind; Every choice matters.

It’s simply beautiful, isn’t it?
Every choice matters.

Paper or plastic?  Plastic or glass?  Processed or organic?  Toxic or pure?  To be present or preoccupied?  To be pissed-off or to forgive.  To stay grounded or to fly.

Your choice.  My choice.  Our choice.
It matters.
Choose your own adventure.

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