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Day 255: are you holding the winning ticket?

12 Sep

One of these tickets is a winner.
The question is — are you holding it?

Tonight, as I waited for my ticket number to be read over the loud speaker at a local sports bar and restaurant (as we watched the New England Patriots season opener) it occurred to me that this feeling reminded me vaguely of another I’ve had before.

And, then I remembered: SHOPPING.
Sometimes, shopping was this exciting for me, like finding the winning ticket.

In reality, it was more like searching through an off-season rack to find a pair of great shoes in my #10 size, or a dress that fits, or pants that are long enough for my 6 foot frame, or shirts with sleeves that reach all the way down the length of my arms, or even shorts that have the proper waist-to-hip ratio and aren’t, well…. too short.

And, when I did find those shoes/dress/pants/shirt/shorts the surprise and delight was like winning the lottery.  Like holding that winning ticket.

Winner. Winner. Winner.

Tonight, the winning ticket holder took home Red Sox Tickets.
The winning number was #249223.
Unfortunately, we were the proud owners of tickets numbered #249221 and #249222.

Missed it by just one number.
One off.

It made me think of a few shopping sprees from my past, the times I bought clothes or shoes even though they were one off.  Maybe the fit was a little too tight here, a little too loose there.

Tonight, the winning ticket holder wasn’t me.
But, the winner was the perfect fit.
Her name is Colleen and today is her birthday.

Happy birthday Colleen. 
May you wear it well.
Oh, and, one more thing … Go Sox.

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