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Day 257: the magnificent power of art :: part II

14 Sep

Yesterday, I shared the magnificent power of art :: part 1.

Today I bring you Part II: Learning From Mistakes

I could have minored in Art.
If only I would have signed up for Art History.

I refused to take Art History because it didn’t make sense to me —  why would I sit in class all day long to listen to facts and figures about art when I could create art?

Instead of watching slides in a dark classroom, I forwent my official art minor and loaded up on oil painting, sculpture, pottery, digital design, and screen printing classes.  I learned how to create foregrounds and backgrounds with just simple lines, how to spin a slab of dirt into a bowl using my fingers tips, how to turn film into digital dots.

But my masterpiece — my most prized creation — came from screen printing class.

Today, the print is framed and hangs in the home of my college roommate Laura.
It is lovingly titled ENO.

ENO is a magnificent woman.
Her feet are grounded in earth and yet she has amazing strength, enough to hold the sun in her hands.

The funny thing is — ENO was never meant to be ENO.
She was intended to remain nameless, to represent the great power, beauty and strength of us all, of each of us, every single last ONE of us.  Her mission was to inspire the world to remember the power of ONE.  The great magic that each of us holds in our own hands to make a difference.

But, ENO never had her chance.

Sadly, I did not pay attention in screen printing class and MISSED the whole concept of a negative — the mirror image design one must make before the screening and inking process begins.

Thus, the great power of ONE became the magnificent ENO.

I never minored in art.
I didn’t learn the difference between a Van Gogh and Degas in a dark classroom looking at images of other images on a projector screen.  But I DID learn the difference between ONE and ENO.

It was a lesson on many levels, for my head and my heart.
How to listen better.
How to turn a flopped negative into a positive.
How to embrace flaws.

It reminds me of what Janette Barber always says ~ your flaws are your greatest gifts.

And, Janette’s right.
Just ask ENO.

Because, while ENO may be flawed — she is flipped exactly the right way.
Aren’t we all?

May your feet be grounded as you hold the sun.

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