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Day 262: what do you know for sure?

19 Sep

It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.
—Mark Twain

There are so many things I don’t know, and, the deeper I go into this year and this promise, the more I am learning about what I don’t know.

Tonight I met up with my dear friend Gavin at a restaurant, getting in a little time to catch up during my short stay in Boston.  As we chatted, Gavin asked me about what’s changed in my life during this year and specifically what will I keep doing once the year is over?

The answer was easy: Sugar.
I never before knew just how addicted to sugar I am, or how terribly evil sugar can be on the human body.  I was never aware.  I just didn’t know.

Not only did I not know how very destructive sugar could be, rather, I KNEW that I loved dessert.  And, I thought it was completely normal to be a sugar aficionado, a woman who never left a restaurant without ordering dessert.

In fact, I would always complain that restaurants should have a tiny chocolate chip cookie that was warm and gooey available for dessert — just so you could have a tiny sweet treat even if you were stuffed and couldn’t stomach a full blown dessert.

It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so that gets you into trouble.

Now, I know, at least about sugar.
I also know a little about meditation and the power and peace it brings. I know about toxicity too, and the importance of detoxing my body.

But, what I don’t know (although I feel I am getting closer to understanding) is that ever present question: what is the soul?

This weekend Deepak Chopra touched upon some soul food and some answers.  He pointed out that when it comes to the soul, science cannot locate it.  Through body scans, PET scan, radiology, surgery, the soul cannot be located … therefore, the simplest explanation is: if you can’t find something in the body, it’s not there.

The soul, he described, is our core consciousness and it is not local.  Meaning, it is not locatable in time or space.

Then, he had the audience, the entire 4,000+ person audience sit in silence and listen to him speak.  As the room fell silent and his voice filled the void, he reminded each of us that the one listening to him, the one focusing on nothing else but being present, is the soul.

Try it for a second if you like.
Sit in silence.  Who is there.  Who is hearing the trees blow in the fall wind outside your window? Who is hearing children in the room next door?  Who is hearing the hum of the air conditioner?

Who is it with you, when you sit in silence and observe?

I may not know …yet.
But, I’m going with Deepak on this one:  It is the soul.

“I am not in the body.
I am not in the mind.
I am not in the world.
It is in me.”

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