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Day 264: what are you not willing to do?

21 Sep

Start spreading the news.
I made it back to New York City today and can already feel the buzz of Big Apple energy running through my veins.  It may be a more efficient jolt than my morning cup of coffee (with no milk or sugar that is).

There’s something so very unique about New York City.
It seems you can find anything here, including all sorts of people, all sorts of languages spoken, and all sorts of very interesting conversations.

Here’s one that I hesitate to share.
But, given that this year is all about being open, honest, authentic and true to life, I must.

During my taxi ride from JFK to Midtown, the traffic slowed to a stand still.  Apparently it is a regular phenomenon when President Obama is in town.

What that means for New York City is insane traffic.
What that means for me is an inordinate amount of time stuck in a taxi ride.

As we stood still in a sea of yellow cabs, my taxi driver complained about everything from New York City traffic to the economy to the loss of jobs — all the way between Tribeca to Midtown West.

Then our cab and the conversation turned.  Fast.
As we drove to my final destination, my driver went on to describe how he observed the long line outside the clinic where his pregnant wife has check-ups.

“Did you know they pay $500 per donation?”
I was confused.  Donations?

“You know, sperm donations.”

No.  I didn’t know.

He then proceeded to outline how men could make more money making “donations” three times every week for a month than he could, than most people could.

He continued and I learned more about “donations” than I ever wanted to in a cab ride.

But, then, the real awkward moment occurred.
He shared what he believes is the best way to keep skin young and vibrant.  You guessed it — “donations” accepted as facial cream.


I have been open minded about trying all sorts of new things, exercises, and experiences for The Promise 365.  And, I know, I made a promise to dedicate everything I’ve got to my head, heart, body and soul over the course of this year.

But, for the record, this is one treatment, no matter how effective, that I just cannot — wait, let me be clear — I will not try.

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