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Day 267: the dog gone truth

24 Sep

I have always loved dogs. 
In fact, during my senior year in college when everyone seemed to be on pins and needles about that burning question — what will you do after graduation? — I always answered the same way: “I am going to get a dog.  And an apartment.  In that order.”

It was the only thing I was sure of before entering the big adult world.
Turns out, I found my way through many apartments, but never found a dog.  Not until fifteen years later when Pup entered my life.

So, I’m sure it is no surprise, if you read this blog with any regularity, you know I am coo coo for coco pups.  Or any pup for that matter.

And, they — our canine and feline counterparts — are as good for the body as they are for the soul.  On my way back to the island today (via car, plane, bus, boat and taxi) I had some time to catch up on delinquent magazine reading and was happy to have my suspicions confirmed.

Pets are good health.

According to an article in Whole Living, spending just 45 minutes with your pet can reduce blood pressure.  It’s proven.  The State University of New York at Buffalo vouched for the fact that the social support from our favorite animals counters mental stress.

So, I’d like to thank a few special ones tonight, for lending a paw over this last week as I traveled throughout the east coast and stayed at their house and ate their food.  (I didn’t eat THEIR food of course, I ate their human’s food.)

First up: Colby. 
She is a thirteen-year old Bernese Mountain Dog. Yes, I said thirteen, as in 1-3.  I believe Colby is spoon-fed love from her mama Jen.  I’m sure that’s why she has reached the ripe age of thirteen, quite a feat for her breed, actually OFF the charts for her breed.

Colby is the power of love.

Then there is Matteo.
New York City’s finest. When not hiding my silver shoes or intently watching TV with his mama, Holly, Matteo can be found meditating or even helping me edit this blog.

Not kidding.
Hey, if there were any spelling errors this week, talk to Matteo.

Then we have Lucy.
Lucy may look sleepy in this photo, but she is a force to be reckoned with and a sweetheart to cuddle. She lives in Boston, where EVERYBODY knows her name.  Even my dentist.

When I stopped in last week to have my tooth fixed and told my dentist I was staying at Sheryl and Webster’s place he asked me how Lucy was doing.   Apparently Lucy gets to go to the dentist for cleanings too, just as a companion of course.

And, that makes sense. It certainly would support the “lowering blood pressure” argument — especially in a dental chair.

Let us not forget Pup’s Doppelganger.
Pup is special, that’s for sure.  But, there seems to be a look-a-like living in New York City.  Every time I go to visit Holly in Manhattan, I see Pup’s twin.  And, EVERY TIME I try to get a photo and can’t quite put a handle on my camera in time.

This time, this week, I snapped a pic.
Sure, it’s fuzzy.
But, it’s proof.

And, that leads us home.
Back to #1 Pup, who sits on my lap tonight as I try to type this post. I’m sure my blood pressure is dropping by the second. Or, is that Pup snoring?

Fact is — animals are good for the body and soul.
It’s the dog gone truth.

And, I will give a high five to that.
(So will Pup.)

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