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Day 270: waiting for a wake up call for a good life?

27 Sep

Today started out with a sticky September fog hanging over the island. Enough to blur the early morning roads and make me want to crawl back into bed.

Or, was that my sleepy eyes at 7am?
Either way, it seemed the day was off to a dreary start as I hopped in the car and battled the cloudy roads to go exercise.

My wake up call came when the kettlebells kicked in — or rather when Yvette, the kettlebell queen and Debbie’s personal trainer, kicked us both into gear at 7:45am.

And, my surprise?
Yvette presented me with a BIG-ger kettlebell (twice the size of the one in the picture above from Day 258) that she pulled out of her proverbial bag.

I guess Yvette knew I needed to push myself to the edge, all the way to that place where I would, yes, you guessed it … sweat.  And, I did.

By 8:15 I was fully alive, awake, alert and enthusiastic.
And giggling.

Giggling with Debbie as both of us took turns with the bicep curl thingamajig-rope-thing-that-hangs-on-the-back-of-the-door holding all our body weight while attempting to angle at 60 degrees and gently lift through the arms.

Trust me, it’s the smallest of moves that make the biggest difference.
The first being JUST getting out of bed.

Back on Day 185 I made a list.
It included many things I still wanted to try this year.  I have crossed off a few like yoga and kettlebells, but, I’m even happier to do them with a partner in crime.

It helps so much to have a workout friend.

For me, it’s the difference between showing up and rolling over in bed with a pillow over my head blocking out all rays of light and reminders to wake up.

A partner makes all the difference.
Because I know (most of the time) that the magic lives in the consistency of it all — building a lifestyle that supports my head, heart, body and soul over an entire life cycle.

And, hey, if it takes a friend to kick in my exercise routine, I’ll take it.  For today, it was enough to turn a dreary, blah, foggy fall day into a pretty kick-ass September surprise.

And, isn’t it about time we all wake up?
Just today I read how one study finds U.S. Health Insurance Costs are Rising Sharply.  How much money would we all save by getting our butts out of bed in the morning?  How much disease would be wiped out from a few more uncontrollable giggles before 8:30am everyday?

It’s worth waking up for if you ask me.
As one of my favorite songs suggests — this could really be a good life, a good, good, life.

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