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Day 271: the bath that makes my body work

28 Sep

What is the first thing you do when you arrive at a hotel?
As soon as I stepped foot into my hotel room in Columbus, Ohio today I hung up my clothes — next to the those big, warm, fluffy and yummy hotel robes.

It is actually easy to pack for road trips since I have been without shopping for the last 271 days.  My suitcase and I have the formula down-pat, there is a worn path where the black heels go.  I know exactly how to fold my Cibeline jacket, laying it gently on top so it doesn’t get smashed as I zip up the case.  There is little cramming, only space for essentials — like bubble bath.

I must admit: I love hotel rooms.
There’s something so clean-slate/fresh-start about hotels.

But, more than anything, I love a great bathtub.
I’m drawing my bathwater now.

I firmly believe that it is my bath that makes my body work.
Even just fifteen minutes in hot water soaking away my day gives me the boost I need to either unwind or rev up.  And, today, it feels vital with my sinuses stuffed up and my nosing giving the next presidential candidate a good run for office.

So off I go, to soak, and pop a few Tylenol Cold Multi-Symptom pills.

That, combined with bubble bath has to be good for my body.
If not just my nose.

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