Day 290: are you up for a spawsome adventure?

17 Oct

Sometimes it’s hard to do something new.
And being here on our Spawsome Adventure I am reminded that it is a wee bit hard to sign up for a new treatment when I know my favorite hot rock massage is right around the corner.

But, today I found pure bliss!
Bamboo Bliss that is —this is me right after my first bamboo bliss treatment.

As the Lake Austin Spa Resort menu says, Bamboo Bliss is:
A relaxing massage with warm bamboo tools. For centuries, bamboo has signified good luck, long life, peace and harmony. Today, it can signify a deeply soothing massage for you. Specially crafted bamboo tools, warmed and infused with lemongrass oil for your comfort, work on various parts of your body, sliding, rolling, kneading and creating a fruitful friction. 

It was amazing, although a strange feeling as bamboo rolled over my skin and dug into my muscles.  My massage therapist explained that the scraping sensation was to loosen up the fascia, that fibrous connective tissue membrane covering, supporting, and separating a muscle — and yes, I had to look that up in the dictionary.

As I slide into bed (after eating dinner in BED with OWN on TV) I read my turn-down card which said:  I let go of all expectations.

And, maybe, that’s all it takes to try something new.
Letting go of something old to make space for something spawesomely different.

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