Day 299: on the eve of 300

26 Oct

Today I counted up 299 days of this promise, which means, even more exciting news: tomorrow will be Day 300.

It’s hard to believe.
Well, it’s easy to believe when I look back at the day-to-day path of this process, but, still, I can hardly believe tomorrow begins the 65 day count down.

It makes me want to celebrate.

And, maybe I will, in a small and meaningful way.  Because even though I know this isn’t over until I greet 365 days, I do feel good about making this small milestone.

Isn’t it the little milestones that get us through?

Whether it’s not drinking coffee for five days straight, or just getting my body out of bed today, (even though my head feels like it’s about to fall off) or saying no to desserts at each and every meal so I can say yes to my low sugar pledge — it’s tracking these little milestones that make me feel good.

And, I know it’s that happy dance I do inside that makes me want to continue, push forward, keep going.

Last night, Debbie Phillips shared 7 Strategies for Living Your Dreams Like a Woman on Fire in her live chat.  And, one of the strategies — did you already guess it? — was, Do you celebrate your success and achievements? Do you celebrate when you’ve set a goal and accomplished something you’ve been working toward?

Tomorrow, I will celebrate Day 300.

But, today, I celebrate just getting out of bed, drinking lots of water and green tea and taking it easy with a slow pace as I clear this head cold.

Oh, and one more thing…
Today, I celebrated my favorite slippers.
They aren’t new but they are warm, cozy and comforting to my body and soul.
And, I wore them all day long.

One Response to “Day 299: on the eve of 300”

  1. Eniko Farkas DeLisle (@EnikoDeLisle) October 26, 2011 at 11:43 PM #

    This is wonderful, Jamie! It was great hearing about your 365 day challenge on the chat last night & your slippers are divine! Feel better soon!

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