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Day 310: not real simple

6 Nov

Today I caught up on old magazines, of the Real Simple and Oprah sort. I holed up under a blanket with Laura’s stash of glossies on my lap while all the children took naps and I dove right into the pages of Consumer-Land.

Within the pages I found a few lovely options (like the photo above!).
It has me thinking about a question Laura asked me tonight:

“What will be your very first purchase in 2012?”

It’s hard to know at this point in time.

Will it be a necessity?
Like snow boots after a freak snow storm while we are visiting family in the Seattle area during the holiday?

Or will it be pure style?
Will I wait it out until Ms. Holly Getty takes me shopping in New York City?

I don’t know the answer yet.

But right now, I can say this:
The answer is not real simple.

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