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Day 316: moving sucks

12 Nov

Pretty much all I have to say about today is this:
Moving heavy stuff is really not my strength — no pun intended.

And, it’s a good thing I’m not shopping this year because just where did all those boxes of clothes come from anyway? It’s enough to make me think I could go another year without shopping!

The one of us who had the best day was this one — Mr. Number One Pup — all happy sitting on the lanai sunning himself and following us around the house as we moved boxes.

If it sounds like I am complaining …well, I am.  But, not about being in warm and sunny Florida, more about being in the moving of boxes and furniture vortex. It puts me in a bad mood.

Tomorrow begins the official organizing day, and painting of furniture day, and don’t-lift-anything-heavier-than-ourselves-day.

After that, it’s officially take care of the body and sore muscles day. Or maybe lay outside on the lanai all day.

It is a dog’s life.

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