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Day 324: where have you been?

20 Nov

No coffee today.

Or for the last week. Maybe even two weeks.
It’s been so long I am losing track of days on and days off.

Which is a good feeling.
A better feeling was taking this quiz on adrenal health and seeing my score.

I know if I had taken the quiz at the beginning of the year I would have scored muy terrible.

For instance, one of the quiz statements begins like this:

You are exhausted first thing in the morning and have a hard time waking up without consuming coffee or sugar. You spend the day feeling tired and so you continue using caffeinated beverages and sugar to keep you going. 

Which is exactly how I would begin my day, moaning for coffee then switching to sugar almost immediately at the 11am hour.

The quiz was eye opening.
Mostly because, while I know I’ve made many changes over this year, I still live in a day-to-day world — counting each and every day! — and it’s not always easy to remember where I am (no coffee, no sugar) in juxtaposition to where I’ve been (coffee three times a day, sugar many more).

I recall a former version of myself. 
My former self would wake up at 9am and head straight to the coffee shop around the corner. There she would drink two mochas and down a pastry while she worked on her computer.

She skipped lunch and only ate dinner if she met a friend out at a restaurant. Where she ordered pasta. And more coffee. Then she sat in her bed until 2am, still working away on her computer, because she couldn’t fall asleep.

When she did fall asleep she woke up many times throughout the night.  Her body so undernourished, her legs so thin, that when her knees touched each other the pain of bone on bone woke her up.

I hardly recognize that girl anymore.  And, really, it’s just been 324 days.

After taking the quiz, here is my score: 27

You do not describe yourself as having any of the classic signs or life situations that indicate you have any adrenal imbalance.

And here is the prescribed recommendation to keep adrenals in good health:

  • Avoid gluten — a protein that many women with adrenal imbalance may be sensitive to.
  • Eat adequate protein at every meal — important for energy and stamina.
  • Eat within an hour of waking — helps restore healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Eat healthy fats.
  • Eliminate all “white” food – refined sugar, flour, and grains, at least temporarily.

It’s a good recipe for my body.
Given where I’ve been, it’s even good for my heart and soul.

Where have you been?
I suppose it’s a good question to ask around this time of year.
Maybe a better one is — where are you going?

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