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Day 326: what are you thankful for? :: part 2

22 Nov

Yesterday kicked off a week-long series called “What are you thankful for?” — That’s right, ironically occurring just in time for a national holiday.

Part 2:

Today, I am thankful for:

My stubby toes.  And stubby thumbs too.

On Day 8, I described my hands and on Day 168 I described how my body was graced with malformed feet at birth.

How easy it is to deconstruct the body, scrutinizing what is there and what isn’t.  

Including what I wish could be different even though I know what can and cannot change.

I can so easily see the dimples in my cheeks — and I’m not referring to the ones on my face  — and I can’t look past the wrinkles forming around my eyes, or the red spots where capillaries have broken through the skin on my face.  Or, the blackheads on my nose.

The freckles on my shoulders from too many days as a sun worshiping teenager.

There’s the scars on my knees from my basketball days of long ago.

The constellation of moles decorating my abdomen, around my belly-long scar from surgery past.

The veins that pop out of my arm, exactly where the IV used to go.

There’s my tiny, yet almost muscular arms, that somehow got paired with my bulbaceous-ly wide feet.  It’s as if two body parts from two different people were mixed up in the laboratory.

And, then, there are these eyeballs that have been covered with glasses since first grade. Without them, or contacts, my world is a blur.

So it seems, I have my own set of deformities and bodily disasters.

But, given all that, I am thankful for every inch of my it —
because my body is my health.

It has carried me through this life and has so much more to give.

And, over the past 326 days, I have become even more grateful for the work my body does, if not supremely aware of how I have damaged and not taken proper care of it too.

Tonight, as I read an email from my friend Amy, who goes into surgery tomorrow morning, to remove a cancer she just found, I am reminded how thankful I am for my head, heart, and body — how amazingly simple, yet complex they are — yet still all know how to play nice together.

All beating in time, moving with speed, and still keeping me ticking.

Tonight, as I sit in gratitude for my body and health, I am moved by what Amy reminded me in her email tonight — the eve before she goes under the knife.

If there is anything we do need more of, it is joy.

“Don’t postpone joy until you have learned all of your lessons. Joy is your lesson.” ~Alan Cohen

Indeed, we don’t need more stuff.
We just need to take care of what we already have and be thankful for it — even if it is stubby, half-blind, scarred, dotted with moles and oddly mis-matched. 

Thank you Amy.  You are in my thoughts.
May good health be yours.

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