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Day 327: what are you thankful for? :: part 3

23 Nov

Monday kicked off a week-long series called “What are you thankful for?” — That’s right, ironically occurring just in time for a national holiday.

Part 3:

Today, I am thankful for:


As I write this post, I am feeling far, far, away from family and friends.
It will be just the two of us for Thanksgiving.

Which hardly a holiday it makes, since we both come from large family celebrations of cousins and babies, aunts, uncles and grandparents all circled around one table (plus the kids table of course!).

There is the far away in miles that I feel from my family of blood and birth, and then there is the far away in miles I feel from my family of friends — my tribe — the ones in my life who have been like adopted sisters, surrogate mothers, long lost brothers.

I miss them all on this night, the eve before family tradition and the annual breaking of bread, saying grace and giving thanks.

They are not here and I am not there.
But I feel close to them just the same.

Even though they are scattered from the West Coast to East Coast, from Texas to Delaware, Minnesota to Martha’s Vineyard, I have watched the festivities unfold on Facebook as if they were all right next door.  Actually, closer than next door, more like right in front of me on my computer screen.

Technology is amazing.
And, I am grateful for the connection.

And, then, there is the far away I feel from those I have lost, those who have moved on to the other side and left this world of turkey stuffing and Black Friday shopping.

Tonight, as I read Debi Lilly’s beautiful post, about how she and her family made a Tree of Life in remembrance of Grandpa Carl —  I was reminded of all the loved ones I wish I could spend Thanksgiving with too.

And, that, reminded me of another amazing technology at my fingertips.

If I close my eyes long enough, I can hear Mama Sling’s laughter in the kitchen.  I can see her waking up at the crack of dawn to kneed her home-made dough and place it upon the television set (the warmest spot in the house) where it would rise to perfection before being turned into the World’s Most Amazing Rolls, cinnamon rolls and elephant ears.

If I sit still long enough, I can taste Aunt Deenie’s pies, with that light golden crust.  Oh, the pumpkin!  The pecan!  The chocolate pudding — especially the chocolate pudding! 

If I breathe in deep enough, I can smell Grandma Mary’s baked beans, and honestly, everything else that came after eating Grandma Mary’s baked beans.

And, if I dig deep enough, I can imagine myself sitting around a table with all of my lost loved ones.  Sure, they would make fun of me for my new eating habits, lifestyle, and food choices, but they are so close I can almost hear the conversation around the table.

My mother would say: “What do you mean you don’t want dessert? You always ate dessert in my house!”

Aunt Deenie would look me up and down and announce to the room — “You are too skinny child, you need to eat more.” 

Just as Grandma Mary would wink in my direction and remind me to tuck in my tummy — “as every woman of a certain age should.” 

So tomorrow, while the table will be set for two, I will feel plugged in to everyone in this world who I love, adore and miss.

Because, really, they are all just a wink and a smile, and photo upload away.
Gotta love that technology.

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