Day 330: don’t do the diet

26 Nov

A few weeks ago Justin almost drank a diet soda.  
It was the only thing in the refrigerator, we were moving, it had been a long day and he was thirsty.

I flipped out.  I pleaded.
Don’t do it.  Don’t do it.  Don’t do it.

The stuff is toxic.  It’s terrible.  It wreaks havoc on the body as it masquerades around in disguise as a zero calorie alternative.

Yes, I have become THAT GIRL — the annoying health conscious, oh-my-god-you-are-going-to-drink that?  — type of woman.

Justin, of course, did not drink it.

I have studied over 100 different diets, way of eating, and types of foods this year.  And, I can honestly say, at this point I am so confused about what’s in, out, good and bad I can barely plan my own breakfast.

Vegan? Not enough protein!
Meat? Too much inflammation!
Fish? Beware of mercury!

But, this, I do know for sure: soda sucks the life out of us.

On top of the nasty chemical aspartame, there is more to be wary of what’s inside diet soda.

Soda, especially diet soda, is a no-no, no-good, never healthy beverage.  Unfortunately, it’s the number one source of caloric intake for we Americans.  In fact, the average American drinks over 46 gallons a year.

I watched a video tonight, thanks to the share from Ms. Maria Dolson-Verroye on Facebook, and learned a few more facts about alkaline foods and how diet sodas make us fat.

My head may be spinning about just what’s good to eat these days, but the bottom line for me on soda is this:  Don’t do it.  Don’t do it.  Don’t do it.

Do this:  watch the video.
It does a body good.

If the video doesn’t play below, please click here.

2 Responses to “Day 330: don’t do the diet”

  1. Josie Donatelli November 26, 2011 at 9:57 PM #

    Thank you Jamie,
    I’m 13 days on whole foods with the open mind to evolve as my year progresses. I was using anywhere from 5-10 packets of Splenda a day and 3-5 diet cokes a week. 13 days free. Amazing how many years I have put that terrible junk my body. I really do feel better already.

    • Jamie November 28, 2011 at 10:57 AM #

      Josie, first of all — congratulations! YAY for you! I totally know just how hard it is to beat the sugar blues and reliance on sugar drinks and sweet treats. You are doing it! And, it really is amazing how fast our bodies can change — they know how to be healthy when we give them good whole foods, rest, relaxation and clean water. Please keep me posted on your journey. I am cheering for you over here! xo~Jamie

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