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Day 333: walking on broken glass

29 Nov

My day started off with a crash.
A really loud one that only porcelain on tile can create.

Here’s a glimpse:
My favorite mug that my friend Susan gave me, photo taken just yesterday.

And, here it is today.

Crash. Crack. Silence.

My heart dropped and mind and body froze watching the cup slip out of my hands, then bounce and crack on the floor, only to stare back up at me.

Instead of reading Keep Calm and Carry On, it now turned cockeyed on one side and screamed back “NO” in capital letters.

As I stood barefoot on the cold, tile floor of the kitchen in pink fluffy robe, I, dumbfounded, with nothing else to do, looked around for something to pick up the pieces.

Isn’t that always the case?

Turns out we have no broom.  
We both keep meaning to buy one at the grocery store but we constantly forget. It seems our need for avocados, carrots, salad and meat override the desire for a broom.

So, this morning, as I found myself on the verge of tears, with my favorite mug starring up at me in two separate pieces, I also found myself broom-less with no clue about how to clean it up.

And then that old Annie Lennox song rang through my head.
Won’t you pick the pieces up?
Cause it feels like I’m walking on broken glass.
Walking on, walking on, broken glaaa-aaa-aaaaass.

I dug through my art supplies and found a clean paintbrush.
It worked well enough to sweep the little fragments and shards of glass into one little pile that I could brush onto an old dustpan and deposit in the trash.

Even with the mess cleaned up I still felt like crying.

Then, later today, I found a little ray of hope.
Oprah interviewing Dr. Wayne Dyer.

In Oprah’s interview with spiritual teacher Dr. Wayne Dyer, he talks about how he practiced the Tao for one year. (Sounds like a 365 day promise to me.)

I was intrigued. 

What caught me, at just the right moment, was this:

“God has to be in you and has to be in everything that’s missing from your life.  So you are already connected to everything you need in your life. All you have to do is align yourself.”

I like that.
And, I feel like I understand it too, in a way that 333 days ago I never could have imagined.

So, maybe I lost a mug today.

But, I have something even greater than treasures.

I have the friendship that brought that mug into my life (thank you Susan).
I know I already have everything — even when I’m not shopping! — and am connected to everything I need.

Plus, I know, deep down inside, we all have the ability to pick up the pieces.

As long as we keep calm and carry on.
Even when it feels like walking on broken glass. 

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