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Day 334: the tao of pup

30 Nov

I swear Pup knows how to meditate. 

Every time I start a meditation he jumps up next to me and tries to crawl on top of my belly.

It happened numerous times this summer.
And, tonight, right after my bath while I was still all warmed and relaxed on the inside, and snuggled in on the outside, laying on the bed getting ready for a quiet meditation, a 60 pound Pup decided to join in.

The next thing I knew Pup bounded into the room and landed himself flat on my stomach.

That’s 60 pounds of pure pooch bliss.

Makes me wonder what kind of stress and anxiety meditation relieves for Pup’s head, heart, body and soul:

  • Too many tennis balls in his personal collection making it hard to choose which one to play with?
  • Too much sunning on the lanai?
  • Being told to get off the couch one too many times?

Who knows…
But I do know this: when I meditate it’s a great release of all the thoughts that creep up on me throughout the day, the stresses that lurk in the depths of my consciousness and the to-do list that always seems to get more line items than crossed-off items.

Tonight, this line stayed with me after my little meditation:
“Everything is perfect as it is.”

And it was.
Will be.

Even with a 60 pound pooch all snuggled up laying across on my belly — especially with a 60 pound pooch all snuggled up laying across my belly.

And, maybe that’s what Pup has been trying to tell me all along.

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