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Day 335: beware of nails

1 Dec

In the middle of the night I woke up to a bloody nose.
Not a traditional bloody nose mind you, but a drippy-blood-on-the-outside where my fingernail gashed through the skin as I rolled over.

Maybe I was having a bad dream, or maybe it was a good one, but, unfortunately I don’t remember.  I just remember waking up in the middle of the night, knowing I had scratched my nose, and then feeling that warm, wet, gooeyness of blood.

Good thing this year is all about what’s on the inside instead of the outside, otherwise, I might need a new set of concealors to hide this bright red gash.

Such are the benefits of learning not to bite my nails — lusciously long fingertips with swords on the ends.

I successfully stopped biting my nails years ago.
Had nothing to do with The Promise 365.

But, on today, DAY 335!!, and the first of December, everything that’s happened over the course of this year is starting to set in.

For one, my clothing feels tired.
So, today, as I peered into my closet I purposely chose something never worn.

It’s a T-shirt from my friend MEJ who gave it to me on our visit to Alpena, Michigan.  And, it says in big white letters:


Later, while I stood in line at the Post Office, the woman next to me asked:
“Does your shirt say Alpena?”

I nodded with a big smile, “It does!”

And for a brief moment we exchanged a knowingness, a three second friendship between strangers who have both been to a town named Alpena.

T-shirts indeed hold powerful messages.

Maybe, in 2012, I could buy a T-shirt that said:

Or maybe…

Or even…

But, I’ve got an even better idea…

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