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Day 329: f*ing friday :: frontier

2 Dec

Today continues the weekly series, F*ing Fridays, which will coincidentally occur on Friday. I mentioned some of my favorite F words back on Day 5, including: Fearless, Fabulous, Fine, Fun, Faith, Freedom, Forgiveness, to name a Few.

Last week I dove into the word Freaky Friday.

Today’s F*ing Friday is dedicated to the words:

As in, new frontiers.

I originate from Idaho, where not just a few massive rivers run through it, but the Oregon Trail crisscrosses right through the state too.

Growing up, when my teachers spoke of The Frontier it meant covered wagons and a rush for gold.  Sacajawea too.  There are places near my hometown where you can still see wagon tracks embedded in the sagebrush.

There are many impressions left from those who blazed that trail.
In the land, the people and the history books.

How anyone survived still amazes me.
I mean, seriously, covered wagons?

I even had a friend who still held a pristine pair of shoes her grandmother kept during the ride West.  Her grandmother went BAREFOOT during the ENTIRE trip down the Oregon Trail — just to keep her shoes pretty and unscuffed so she could wear them on the other side.

For the love of shoes!
Now that’s a woman after my “sole” searching heart.

There were times during this year where I felt like I was riding in a covered wagon, navigating unknown territory, tensing up, opening up and trying new things in a new frontier.

Still wrestling with a little (what to eat).
Riveted by some (chakra massage).
Failing at others (brazilian bikini wax).

Tonight it occurs to me that there are FIVE F*ing Fridays left in this year.

It also occurs to me that I may have something in common with my friend’s grandmother who traveled across the country in bare feet.

Once she reached her destination, her feet were so swollen, bruised and transformed from the trip that those shoes she saved — for the ENTIRE length of the Oregon Trail — no longer fit.

Granted my feet are not swollen or bruised (although they do prefer flip flops these days).

When heading down a new trail in life, I suppose it’s pretty standard to end up in a difference place than what you originally set out for or planned.

And, that makes me wonder just what will fit at the end of this promise?
Twenty-nine more days until we find out what is on the other side of that mountain.

As they say out West, Saddle Up Cowgirl!
Welcome to the new frontier.

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