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Day 338: waking up

4 Dec

Sunday’s are for sleeping in around here.
But, this morning, I woke up to a beeping alarm clock.

Just before 8AM my alarm clock, otherwise known as my iPhone, blurted out that high pitched scream that immediately sends me into spasms as I fumble for the off switch.

Dazed and confused, and just happy to hit the off switch before the second round of beeps, I gently buried my head back into my pillow.

It’s Sleep-In-Sunday, after all.  

Then, my eyes popped wide open, as I remembered why I set the alarm in the first place.

Oh, right!
Super Soul Sunday.

I grabbed a blanket, shuffled to the couch in pink fluffy robe, and turned on the TV to channel 67, otherwise known as OWN.

This morning was the debut of Wake Up, a documentary film by Jonas Elrod which chronicles his journey going from normal “Joe” to a guy that suddenly sees angels, demons, auras and ghosts.

You read that right, he sees dead people. Spirits. Entities. Etc.

The trailer is below and you can also see it here.

I was riveted by the film, felt compassionate and slightly terrified for Jonas.  I ached for his girlfriend Mara, who, as best she can, tries to understand, sympathize, join him on the journey, yet skeptically raises an eyebrow all along.

On Day 184 I shared where I was with my soul. Mostly confused.

But now, I have to admit, nothing really surprises me.
From past life regression to Jonas seeing spirits.  I suppose there’s room for many things in this world that I may never understand.

As I watched Wake Up this morning I was reminded of Mama Sling.

I once visited her in the hospital, post breast cancer treatment, when she had reconstructive surgery.  I was living in Washington, D.C. at the time and flew home to be with her.

Here’s something you may know about Idaho.
There is no direct route to get to there from the East Coast, so by the time I arrived Mama Sling was already in her hospital bed, tucked away for the night.

I stepped off the plane and went directly to the hospital.  It was late, the hospital was eerily quiet with just night nurses walking the halls.

As I entered my mother’s room, I wasn’t sure if she was awake.

So I very gently sat down on her bed and softly said her name.  Her eyes slightly opened and she smiled.  She was happy to see me.

The next thing she said confused me.  “Aunt Deenie was just here.  She was sitting right there on the bed talking to me.”

My Aunt Deenie had been dead for ten years.

I just nodded and smiled.  My mother was clearly still groggy from surgery.  I just chalked it up to the drugs.

At least that’s what I used to think.

Now, I don’t question the possibility that my Aunt’s spirit was there, looking over my mother.  They were the closest of friends when she was alive, why wouldn’t she visit?

I have to think we all have stories like this.
The birds that show up reminding us of a loved one.
The visitors in dreams that feel like real life.
The uncanny coincidences that can otherwise not be explained.
The premonitions.
The goosebumps.
The knowing, deep, down inside.

And, sometimes, while this soul things still sends me into spasms as I fumble for the off switch, I am getting more comfortable with it.  Kind of ironic, that through all of this — head, heart, body and soul journey — it was the soul to be the last piece to find it’s place in my puzzle.

I’d like to think these are indeed subtle messages to wake up.
Maybe let some light in.
And realize, more than anything, I — we — are never alone.

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