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Day 339: leaving on a jet plane

5 Dec

At Too-Early-O-Clock this morning I left for the Fort Myers airport to fly to Hilton Head for the week (I am attending the Psychology of Health, Immunity & Disease Conference by NICBM).

Fun! Going to a place I’ve never visited.
Not fun: Waiting in line at airport security.

My first faux pas was arriving at the security check point without boarding pass in hand.

Two pieces of paper shot out of the check-in robot’s mouth. Turns out, I only had the Charlotte to Hilton Head trip ticket and a receipt, but no Ft. Myers to Charlotte ticket did appear. I didn’t realize this until all the way through security.

Picky security man wouldn’t let me through.
He made me go all the way back to the check-in desk to find out what happened with the ticket.

So I schlepped back to the US Airways counter and showed the attendants my ticket issue.

The airline-bot never spit out the ticket in the first place, I swear.
But, then again, I haven’t been drinking coffee or caffeine, so at 5:30AM with no coffee in my system, I could have missed it.

I returned to security with ticket in hand, only to be let through the gate and then, as bells dinged, stopped for a random security check.

As the security officer rummaged through my bag I felt sheepish — actually embarrassed — for not packing it tighter, better, more tidy.  I had thrown some last minute items in the bag as I ran out the door:  loose papers, a pair of flip flops, my computer cords and headset strewn throughout.

I desperately hoped my flip flops didn’t smell.  
After all, they do have almost a year of mileage on them.

As he gingerly moved everything around with gloved hands, I couldn’t help but wonder if he thought I had cooties.

Just then the man standing behind me had his bag pulled and scanned too.  Except instead of worn out flip flops and computer cords they pulled out a knife.  Not just any knife, a real KNIFE, actually it looked more like a mini sword.

The security guards seemed giddy.
The man apologized profusely, saying he forgot to take it out of his bag.

I was stunned.  Really?
You forgot to take a MINI MACHETE out of your computer bag?  Were you blogging all weekend in the Everglades while you were simultaneously ALIGATOR hunting and forgot you placed your KNIFE next to your Macbook Pro?

I mean, honestly, how does that happen?

My security guard hurried through my bag and immediately declared me fit to fly.  He apparently had other, more interesting, fish to fry than my smelly, worn out flip flops.

I finally boarded the plane and fell asleep.
On the second leg, in the teeny, tiny puddle jumper to Hilton Head I ordered a beverage from the attendent.  My new standard: hot water.

When beverages arrived, the man across the aisle couldn’t help but ask me, “Did you order just a hot water?”

I nodded and smiled and thought to myself — do I tell him about The Promise 365? Knowing it would lead to a much longer conversation I just told him I was trying to get off caffeine and hot water was the best replacement I’ve found.

His eyebrows raised as he questioned me more, “how long has it been?”

And, that’s when I realized it’s been three weeks (this time around).

“Oh, yeah” he reassured me as he took a big gulp of his Diet Coke.  “You’ve made it over the hump.”

I just nodded back.
Yes.  I have. 

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