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Day 342: no time for self care — no excuses anymore

8 Dec

My head is so full it runneth over. 
It feels like a candle in the wind from today’s sessions, blowing back and forth between this medical methodology to that research study, to this pedagogy to that philosophy.

I loved learning it all, but it feels like a sweet candy overload to my brain.

Today, Dr. Hadaya, reiterated the importance of getting toxins out and adding in love and healthy behaviors (clean food, air and sensory input).

The bottom line was this:
We are what we believe and we are what we surround ourselves.

The advice:
Change your inputs: (positive food, air, water, people, ideas, social/spiritual)
Limit toxic inputs: (negative food, air, water, people, ideas, biotoxins)

Then Dr. Cacioppo explained how we are indeed social animals.
In fact, in one study, when people were told to focus on being happy, it didn’t work.

Apparently the message in our society that directly relates to finding “happy” is going shopping!  We go out and buy something or go out and do something and it doesn’t work.  Apparently, the participants in the study were less happy because the act of finding happy was isolating.

I guess that explains Facebook — we all just want to connect.

Then I attended a self-care workshop. 
What is the biggest obstacle to self-care?
Time and money.

We all know we should get exercise, or have a hobby, or get a massage or find a way to unwind.  But we typically don’t.  Why?  Because we think don’t have enough time.

Excuses. Excuses.
Enter Ashley Davis Bush who just published a book on Self Care Short-Cuts.

Including things as easy as affirmations/visualizations/breathwork to do when washing your hands, doing the laundry, or sitting at a red stop light.  Everyday activities that you already do, thus, you have time for.

Then I sat in Nan Lu’s workshop, where he taught the importance of following the rules of nature for healing through food.

I can’t even begin to describe the awe and amazement of his simple, yet profound recommendations (eat warm food for breakfast to keep the body active all day and avoid fatigue) and his philosophy on eating food for energy (you are what you eat and what you think.)

His work is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and he sprinkled wisdom through the session. Like this tid bit:

Take care of your feet.  
They are the first part of the body to grow.  And, the first part of the body to die.

His words hit home as my bandaid-covered feet ached in my shoes.
So, after the session I high-tailed it the spa and booked a foot massage.  They didn’t have an opening until tomorrow, so alas, my feet must wait another day.

Finally, I sat in an energy medicine workshop and learned a few new things about bags and under wire bras.

That’s right, braziers and shoulder bags! 
Right up my alley.

Turns out those heavy bags we swing over our shoulders cut through a main meridian on the body (which draws energy out of us) and underwire bras do the same thing, except they clog toxins around the breast, lungs and heart.


I was feeling so exhausted from the information, insight and enlightenment that I ran down to the spa and sat in the sauna for a few minutes to sweat it out.  After I showered and dried my hair, I opened the little cubby locker to grab my clothes and looked at my tattered Victoria’s Secret underwire bra staring back at me.

“Traitor!”  I thought.

So, I tucked it in my bag for another day and performed the new meridian rubbing exercise around my breasts for safe measure.

Bras! Bags! Food! Energy! Toxins!

It’s enough to send a girl’s brain into overload.
But I take solace in something Nan Lu asked earlier today.

What is your promise?
What is your own destiny?
You are part of nature.
The body has skill to heal itself.
You have the key.
You already have the answer.

And, I have to agree with that.  It’s what I’ve been learning all year long.

Sure, I’ve made some major changes over this year, but the biggest one has been learning that I already have what I need — including the ability to heal myself.

So, no burning of bras necessary (although, I might need to buy new ones in 2012!)

But, I will add a few new techniques, a little more love, connection and friendship, and a lot more self-care.

Now, excuse me while I go take my bra out of my bag before I forget where I put it (wouldn’t want it to make a surprise appearance — like in the morning, when I get my wallet out of my bag to pay my bill at the breakfast table).

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