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Day 344: a ball of barking love

10 Dec

This sweet three-month old Golden Retriever puppy is learning how to be a service dog.

Her name is Vicki, and when she grows up her purpose will be to help military vets who have Post Traumatic Stress.

I have watched Vicki over the last week in action.

She is just a puppy, not fully trained, nor ready to take up her post as a service dog.  But that doesn’t mean she isn’t already in service here with these 600 attendees of this conference.

At each break people flock to Vicki.  She’s an instant ooh and ah magnet.

Watching her in action made me think more about purpose and promises.

I mean, she doesn’t have a clue what her job will be when she grows up, or what training she needs to go through, or if she knows enough yet, or has taken enough credited classes, or learned from the right teachers.

But, that doesn’t stop Vicki.
She just lives in a constant state of licks and love, already a dog in service.

And, that makes a lot of sense.
As I try to wrap my mind around everything I have learned this week about the science of the body and the soul, the data, the studies, the cases, the outcomes, I feel overwhelmed with enlightenment and absolutely confused at the same time.

And, that makes me think of Vicki.

Vicki doesn’t seem to pause and think about what diet she is on, what food she is eating, if it’s better to be a vegan or gluten-free, full of calories or carbs.

Vicki doesn’t pause when people come up to greet her either, considering whether they are friend or foe, she just bounds straight into the arms of whomever is there licking away on their cheeks, tucking her head into their arms.

She is a ball of barking love.

Her purpose is clear and, yet, she is only a puppy.
I think we could all learn a thing or two from Vicki.

No matter what the data says, or the protocol proclaims, or diets recommend, it is clear to me there is one element that holds true in every scientific study.  If we were all just bigger balls of barking love our lives would be richer, our world would be happier and our health would be better.

Good for the head, heart, body and soul.

Makes me feel like this year of experimenting has brought me through so many tests, trials and tribulations, only to land me back in that place I knew best as a tiny, little baby.

Universal, undeniable, unfettering LOVE.
Who would have thought it could be that easy?
Woof, woof, indeed.

“Remember this is a trip into the Unknown. If you think you know where you are going you are on the wrong road.”

~ Father Thomas Keating

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