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Day 345: where there is fire there is stardust

11 Dec

I am back.
Back in Florida, back from Hilton Head, back from that momentary pause in life called a conference.

It feels like a dream now.

As the plane I sat upon descended from the bright sunny skies 30,000 feet above the earth,  the warm sunlight filtering in through the window on my face gradually cooled and we dipped below white, marshmallow fog and landed in a sea of dark, stormy clouds.

My greeting at the Fort Myers airport was dramatic as we landed in heavy, blinding, pouring rain.

A long time ago, in college, I learned the significance of the element of rain in stories: it signals change.

What a symbolic way to “land” after attending a week-long conference exploring the head, heart, body and soul at NICABM’s final conference after decades of setting mind/body standards for medicine.

Change is in the air.
And, changed, I feel.

I also have another nagging feeling rising up inside of me: it smells distinctly of knowing too much.  Too much about myself, too much about my food, air, water, relationships, energy and dreams, too much to ever go back to the way we were, or I was.

It’s beautiful and scary.
Because change is both.

And, the lesson is so basically elementary it almost sounds silly — I am the answer.  You are the answer. We are each the most important choice to make.  To love, to take responsibility, to take care of ourselves, to choose our words and actions out of love.  That alone, sends a vibration to the people we love most.  And, they pass it on.

Indeed, it will — does — change the world.

I suppose this has been brewing for the last 345 days and this conference was just the icing on the gluten-free, sugar-free cake.

I am reminded of Joan Borysenki‘s words from this weekend as she told of a time, billions of years ago, when there was great big change with a bang, something else happened too — stardust led to life.

And that’s good to know, because my head feels like it may have exploded.
Good to know we are each made of a little bit of stardust.

Tomorrow, I will share Joan’s research on change and specifically burnout.
What it is, how it differs from depression, and steps she recommends to recover.

Because out of the fire, the phoenix does rise.
And stardust twinkles. 

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