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Day 348: self care at home — think out of the box

14 Dec

A box arrived in the mail today.
And, I had to ask myself just why is opening a box so much fun?

I think boxes are connected to some primordial reflex, as if some reptilian brain chemical reaction happens when out of the corners of our eyes we spy a cardboard BOX.

So much so, as a child on Christmas morning, boxes would end up being a let down.  Pretty wrapping paper would get my daydream chemicals all a whirl.  Is it a Barbie Dream House…  A 150 Piece Art Set…  A Puppy?

And then I would open the box to find something else — socks.

Actually, these days, I would get pretty excited to open a box of socks, 348 days into this promise!

So it was today that I received a box, not of socks, but inside, there were so many goodies to grab!

It’s from Influenster and it’s called a VoxBox.
It arrived in perfect time.

Computer difficulties left me stranded on technology island this afternoon.  Before I had a complete meltdown, I remembered something else… yoga.

So while my computer backed-up I decided to rewire my brain with a little yoga routine.

Even after my rendezvous with a DVD of yoga my computer was still cranking at Pre-Neolithic speed.  (Remind me again… just what is there to do in life without a computer?)

But, then, my VOXBOX arrived.

And, while there were some items I will never use (yes, pink, leopard print paste on nails, I’m talking to you) there was one thing that fit exactly what I was looking for …a mask.

A cucumber masque, rather.

I even convinced Justin to relinquish some of the cucumbers he was cutting up for dinner in order to accomodate my spa routine.


Here’s a few tips you might find useful while engaging in self-care at home.

1. Don’t wait for your computer to crash. 

2. Dogs like to eat things.
So, maybe don’t let the dog sleep next to you as you relax and unwind ~ especially if you have cucumbers on your eyes.

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