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Day 356: a christmas miracle

22 Dec

We are now in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

It’s a good 40 degrees cooler here than the Florida air we left.  We may not get snow, but rain and some white fluffy frost are in the forecast.

Good thing I packed boots.

I don’t remember the last time I wore leather boots.  And who knows the last time I wore 2 and 1/2 inch heels?  And the boots I packed to wear in the Pacific Northwest are both.

My feet feel like a fish out of salty Gulf water.

The boots are old, that’s for sure, being a 2008 model. The tip of my right boot is peeling off.  The sides are scratched from Boston snows of old.  They recently survived the last edit of my Florida closet, specifically and precisely for this trip to Washington.

They lived to see another day.
For my boots, it’s a Christmas miracle.
For me, a reminder of how to walk in heels.

Regardless, these boots were made for walking.
And, tonight that is just what they did as we all bundled up in warm clothes, gloves and coats and took a walk down the street to see the pretty Christmas lights.

And, I almost didn’t go.
I didn’t want to get cold.  And, I really didn’t want to take one more step in my tall, leather boots.

But I looked at the sweet faces of Justin’s little nieces and knew — I didn’t want to miss this moment.  

So I went. I joined in. Despite my feet.

Every single second was precious. The blinking Christmas lights, the Christmas songs we sang walking down the street wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, and the band of trumpeter birds that trumpeted right over us in the dark blue sky.

A perfect setting for a miracle indeed.
Once we arrived home Justin’s phone rang.  It was a call from our dear cousins, two of whom we ran into last night at the Houston Airport.

They shared a message of another miracle.  A once in a lifetime opportunity just opened up for us — because of another special miracle called family.

The good news is that we will join them on a trip to the Grand Canyon next summer.

The best part for us?

This is another moment we don’t want to miss.  

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