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Day 362: the wrap up part 2 :: heart

28 Dec

Here we are, closing in on 365 days and the end of this year.  And, what a year it has been.

So much has changed in my world, in this year, that I am dedicating a full day to each of my promises: head, heart, body and soul.

Because if I have learned anything this year, it is this: the magic is in reflection.

Part 2:  heart

I heart clothes. And shoes.
Love them.  Always have.  It’s been a life-long love affair.

As a toddler I dressed myself and changed outfits throughout the day, to my mother’s (and her laundry schedule’s) chagrin.

And then my feet grew.
It seemed for a handful of my teenage years, as my body stretched inches and inches every year and I towered above the boys, the only thing that really fit were shoes.

Shoes have always been here for me.  And I have loved them greatly.

Then along came 2011 and my promise not to buy shoes or clothes.

Over the course of this year, I have come to love my clothes and shoes even more, the kind of love that happens when you cherish something because you can’t entertain the notion of buying something new or replacing it.

Especially those pink and green rain boots that carried me through the year, from a freak snow storm in Michigan to a blustery rainy day in New York city.

But even deeper than my love for fashion, I have opened my heart to a bigger source of love over this journey.

Maybe I found the location of my heart chakra, or maybe I learned how to close my mouth and open my ears in order to listen deeper (instead of interrupting with my own commentary), or maybe, just maybe, exploring all matters of the heart was always as simple as setting an intention and following through.

It seems the secret-magic-recipe-formula-elixir to having and holding anything we want in life is really just as simple as that — L.O.V.E.

It’s more than a four letter word.
Funny it took me this long to figure it out.

So what did I learn about the power of the heart?
This: all we have to do is let love it.

After that, the head, heart, body and soul know how to take care of the rest.

Let the magic begin.

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