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Day 1: welcome 2012

1 Jan

Guess who’s back?!

Just yesterday was 2011, and there I was at Max Dales celebrating Day 365, ringing in the New Year.

Now it’s a new day.
Here we go. The Promise 365 — Year 2.

Part of me is exuberant!
Part of me cannot believe I am going to do this again.

Today I share my theme for this year.
Tomorrow I will share the rules.

Now for the theme.  Drum roll please…
2012 will be dedicated to that 4 letter word, better known as:

Let me explain.
There was an overarching power that kept making itself known in Year 1 of The Promise 365, and no matter the solution or category (head, heart, body or soul) it kept creeping up in the form of love.

More on that tomorrow.

Until then, please know I am with you all the way, for 365 more days.  Whether you are new to The Promise 365, are keeping your own promise this year, or are just stopping by — I’ll be here.

And, for the record, I still believe you can do anything.
Because you can.

P.S. There is still time to make your promise this year, it’s only January 1st. What are you waiting for?

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