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Day 3: what are you afraid of?

3 Jan

Still soaking in the spa and wonder of Washington sites here in Woodinville.

Justin and I just finished a couples massage — our first together and Justin’s very first massage ever.

He had tons of questions about how it worked —- Do we wear clothes under our robes?  Where exactly do they massage?

I was reminded of my first spa visit.  The questions, the nerves, the unknown.

And, that, I suppose is really the biggest barrier to trying new things — the unknown.

So that’s why this year and this new promise is all about taking away the fear and going after my goals not just fearlessly, but with love in my heart — be it professional, personal or just plain fun.

Just putting myself out there is really the hardest part.
And then, of course, following through.

Today, I was inspired by Justin’s total commitment to try something new.  We giggled in our robes as we dressed down to our naked bodies and hopped onto each of our designated massage beds.

I was so happy to share my new-found joy with him.
Even more so, I was reminded of another reason why I love him — he’s just not afraid.

There are many things I am not afraid of — I can give a speech to 3,000 people, but ask me to hold a spider and I turn into a crying mess.

There’s even scarier stuff  — like taking a chance, sticking my neck out, trying new things, swimming in the ocean, failure, disapproval, embarrassment … the list goes on and on.

As I sit here in my comfy robe, all warm inside and out, it makes me wonder about this fear thing — just what is it all about?

I know one thing:  this is the year where I will find out.

What are you afraid of?
I would love to know.

P.S. Thursday night I will be talking with the funny and fabulous Janette Barber on Janette’s Show SiriusXM Stars Chanel 107 about The Promise 365.

P.P.S. Hope you can tune in!  Don’t have Sirius?  Get a free Sirius trial here.

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