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Day 4: who’s afraid of turbulence?

4 Jan

Me! Not me! Me again.
Just landed in Houston after a bumpy ride from Seattle. Right as our plane hit the most turbulent of turbulence, my favorite Enya song played through my ear buds — Anywhere Is. And my fear of the plane rocking and rolling diminished, just like that.

As my body rocked “this way” and “that way” to the beat of the perfectly timed music and my airplane’s bumpy ride, I thought, “I can do this! I’m not scared.” And just as the music reached it’s final beat and heart began to rest, the loudspeaker broke through with a message: “the captain has asked you put on your seat belts as we will be experiencing this turbulence for the next 55 minutes.” Crap! I didn’t download enough Enya…

Signing off from Houston International Airport on the trusty iPad.

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