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Day 5: there’s no business like show business

5 Jan

We arrived home this morning around 2am.
As we strolled through the front door, I ran to the bathroom in a rush that can only be built up from riding in a plane all day long and then sitting in the car for two hours. While washing my hands I found an unfriendly welcome home reception — a spewing leak in the bathroom sink.

Vacation officially over.

But celebrations did occur this afternoon.
Pup came home from boarding school.

It has been over 2 weeks since we saw our little Pup.  Watching him bound into the front door was like falling into puppy love all over again.

And then tonight, I did a little happy dance before my interview on Janette’s Show.  Actually, I said a little prayer. Over the last few days my sinuses unassuming sniffle turned into a full-on keep-me-up-all-through-the-night coughing bark.

I was terrified that my throat tickle would take over and I would cough up a lung on the air.

At approximately 8:30pm I went on air with the one and only Janette Barber — in my PJ’s (after sipping a gallon of orange juice).  I do love radio!

And, to my surprise, I held in all the throat tickles and coughs.

Maybe that’s why they call it Show Biz.
As if somewhere deep inside our bodies know how to turn off the fear, rev up the energy and pump in the endorphins when it’s time for business.

And, it turns out I had nothing to be afraid of.

In some ways I guess I underestimated my ability to show up.
I suppose from time to time we all do.

Thanks for having me on the show Janette.

As I think they say in the biz…
It was faaaaaaaabulous dahling!

Or maybe it’s:
That’s all folks.

Or even better:
Good night and good luck.

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