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Day 9: what’s on your bedside table?

9 Jan

If my bedside table could talk...
I wonder what the two bottles of medicine, pack of antibiotics, cup of tea and new roll of toilet paper that just replaced the last Kleenex would say.  Oh, yes, also the candle and iPad.

The good news is I am getting better.
But my throat still tickles.

Not the ha, ha, funny, funny kind of tickle, more like the sitting in church tickle.  A tickle you try to suppress, but of course you can’t because you are in CHURCH.  And there is something very powerful about a cough in church — it will not be reckoned with.  Same with giggles.

Speaking from experience there.

I once spent the entire duration of a family member’s wedding, stashed two doors away from the main congregation, all the way down the hall, stuck in the children’s room.  Because I could not stop coughing.  (Not so fun when you’re sixteen and you really do care what the bride is wearing.)

Because, I must admit, I’m afraid to miss out on things.
Missing out on everything sucks when I’m sick.  (Especially my sleep.)

And, with that, I just realized that I might be missing something terribly if we don’t go to the store tomorrow — I think my Kleenex stand-in is our last roll of toilet paper.

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