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Day 14: if my closet could talk

14 Jan

What would your closet say?

Mine would say gibberish about “blue jeans never worn” and “too many black shirts” and a smattering of “pink” and “odd patterns that don’t match.”

Today, I read that Pantone named Tangerine the color of the year for 2012.  They should know, since Pantone names every color.  (It was Honeysuckle for 2011 and Turquoise the previous year.)

And, I should have known it!
I had an insider tip back in October about the color orange.

My tip didn’t come from a fashion industry insider, not even from a color consultant.  It was delivered by the woman who gave me a facial at Lake Austin Spa Resort.

She told me many things during that facial.  One of which was, “You should wear orange, it will bring you prosperity.”

Problem is, I don’t really own “orange” in the clothing category.  I have one orange tank top that I have faithfully worn since my message from the spa.

So, tonight, on the heels of Pantone proclaiming Tangerine the new IT color, I vow to make a splash of orange a part of my new wardrobe.

Starting tonight with a collection of dream outfits I found from around the internet.  You can see my Orange Crush Pinterest board here.

Of course they aren’t in my closet because even though I CAN shop now, I’ve learned my lesson.  The secret to prosperity comes from something deep inside, not what you wear on the outside.

But I’ve also learned when a message keeps appearing in my life, it might be time to listen.

Maybe orange is saying it’s time to be bold?
Maybe orange is reminding me to dream big?
Maybe orange is just there to brighten things up?

Sounds like 2012 is the year to find out.

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