Day 15: what bugs you?

15 Jan

Last night as I snuggled with Pup I felt a bump on his ear. 
It was a tick trying to bury himself in the way only a dog tick can do.

My first reaction was “GROSS!”
My second was asking Justin to fix it.

Which he did.
As the disgusting little creature navigated the palm of Justin’s hand like it was taking a walk in the park, my fear set in.

Justin suggested I try to hold the tick in my hand.

“You mean HOLD it?”  I asked, baffled, wondering who on earth would hold a bug in their hand.

He thought it would be a good way for me to get over my fear (my goal this year).

I reacted with complete and utter grace.
By profusely refusing and shaking to the point of tears forming in my eyes.  I may have even screamed.

My first close encounter with fear this year.

I just can’t hold a bug in my hand.
I can’t stand it, I can’t even stand the IDEA of it.

Here’s the ironic part: I know this is ridiculous.

In fact, just this past Christmas, I watched in awe as Justin’s little five-year-old niece jumped for joy when opening her most prized gift — a bug collector.

At five years she can do what I cannot. At five years she can do with JOY what I cannot fathom.  How humbling.

Tonight, this message serendipitously popped into my inbox, from the Chopra Center:

What small step can you take today to release what’s no longer serving you, opening the space for more light, energy, and joy?

I know my fear of creepy, crawly things does not serve me.
And, I know it’s time to let it go. So I’m working on a small step forward. I suppose I have a five-year-old in my life to show me how.

What fears are you ready to give up?
What else no longer serves you?

(If you want some inspiration for the next 21-days, you can sign up for the Chopra Center 21 Days of Inspiration email here.)

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