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Day 28: hard to say goodbye

28 Jan

I’m sitting in the renovated Nassau airport, surrounded by beautiful sculptures, conch shell jewelry, and tourists waiting for their plane to go home.

And a crying baby.
I want to cry too.

Because it’s so hard to leave the land of vacation.  Maybe this little baby next to me is upset that his vacation is ending.  I suppose my fellow passengers wouldn’t be as understanding if I went into airport hysterics.

After swimming in the turquoise blue water, soaking in the sun, and overcoming my fear of deep ocean water by swimming with the inhabitants of coral reefs (and with sharks, no less!), I feel like a new woman returning home.

It also feels like I’m leaving a little bit of my soul behind in the beautiful blue water.

And, it’s hard to say goodbye.

You’d think it would be easy, shedding this part of me that lives in fear.  You’d think I would welcome with open arms the chance to change.  But, I’m realizing, it’s not easy to give up the fear I have worn in the past because it feels so comfortable against my skin.

But, I’m ready.
I’m ready to say goodbye to that part of me.
And, it feels a little scary.

Actually, it feels a bit like this bird I caught on camera taking a leap off the end of the dock. Who know’s what’s out there?

But I know in my heart, this journey with more love and less fear is preparing for takeoff.  And, it’s time to fly.

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