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Day 29: may the force be with you

29 Jan

I am back from vacation, not quite back to reality and glued to the television.  Pup and I are watching Oprah’s Next Chapter with George Lucas.  (Well, Pup is snoring, I am watching.)

I love seeing the genius behind the vision, the visionary behind the creative genius.

More than anything, I am moved by this simple statement from Mr. Lucas on his own brand of success:

Don’t listen to your peers. 

Don’t listen to your parents. 

Don’t listen to your culture. 

Only listen to yourself.

So simple.
In all my readings, research and experience so far, it seems all gurus point in the same direction  — within.

Listen to yourself.
All I can think in my own head, to myself, right now, is:

May the force be with you.

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