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Day 68: a bloody game of scrabble

8 Mar

My favorite word to play in Scrabble (a.k.a. Words With Friends) is QI.

The word is worth 11 points.
Q = 10
I = 1

Unless, of course, you find a Double Letter (DL) or even better, Triple Letter (TL) spot.  It’s pure joy to those who are Words-With-Friends-Addicted (WWFA) when the board becomes full and you turn a one letter tile placement into a bonanza of points.

The mere Q-I combination can save an otherwise hopeless game in the final seconds.

I think it ironic, that QI, whose Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition is “vital energy” is sometimes the true life force behind my Scrabble game.

However, these days, I am finding a new use for my favorite word.

After my acupuncture appointment yesterday many things are making sense.  Like a lot of symptoms which I previously thought of as simply “the way my body works.”

Cold hands and feet — all the time.
Dizzy spells if I stand up too fast.
Night sweats right before my period.

Turns out my Chinese diagnosis is Weak Spleen Qi and a form of  a blood deficiency. 

As my acupuncturist pulled the tiny needles from my skin and explained this diagnosis everything in my life started to make sense.

Which seems more than ironic since I no longer have a SPLEEN in residence, having it removed from my body at age seventeen. (Which doesn’t really matter in Traditional Chinese Medicine since spleen qi is not just an organ — but, hey, I’m just saying — ironic?)

The blood deficiency dates all the way back to my anemic days as a young girl when was forced to swallow iron pills daily that turned my urine bright green.

Not to mention my cancer diagnosis was of the blood based variety.

Ah, this bloody topic!
It keeps popping up, even outside of my veins.

And, it’s clearly my turn to make a move.
Next up: another acupuncture appointment and some Chinese Herbs.

The good news is I already made the major shifts in my diet that my diagnosis requires — no sugar and no caffeine.

While Qi may be worth 11 points in the game of Scrabble, 
I’m learning, it’s priceless in this game of life.

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