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Day 79: remembering and letting go

19 Mar

It’s day two with our little Brady. 
I swear he gets cuter by the minute!

He is snuggled up next to me now, which is a good thing since I leave on a jet plane at 6:30am tomorrow morning.

I want to get in all the snuggles I can before I go, because I fear that he may not remember that I am his Mommy when I return. 

And, that makes me think a lot about Brady’s Dog Mommy, Bailey.  We met her briefly yesterday and I wonder if it’s hard for her to let Brady go? I wonder if there is a little aching in her heart?

I suppose that’s the give and take of being family.
Remembering and Letting Go.
Letting Go and Remembering.

Will BRADY remember who I am when I get back? Who knows.
I’m just holding out that Justin will have Brady kennel trained by the time I return.

A Mommy can dream! 

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